Thursday, January 28, 2010

Awesome Student Rips Shitty Picasso Picture

"A CLUMSY art-lover damaged a rare Picasso painting after losing her balance and tripping onto the masterpiece.

Sky News reported the woman collided with the $143m century-old work, called The Actor, and caused a 15cm vertical tear in the lower right hand corner.

The accident happened at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, where its experts have been assessing the damage"Source
Tripping into the masterpiece? $143 million dollars?? No offense Picasso but this painting is worth 143 million dollars????? This looks like a character out of a Tim Burton movie...I've seen retarded third graders with better drawings then this. That chick should of not only tripped into it and ripped it, but also doused it with gasoline, sacrificed a new born baby, and thrown a pair of Brett Favre's Wrangler Jeans on top of the horrid mess that would remain...if that piece of shit is worth that much someone please appraise my painting has to be worth at least 50 million dollars

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