Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jersey Shore is really a...Situation

As a person born and bred in Jersey when I heard that MTV was making a show called the Jersey Shore I immediately wanted to blow my brains out in a group of gelled up fist pumping fags. That is until I finally watched the first episode. I am not a big fan of guidos, fake tans, fist pumping or any of the homo-erotic shit that they do. I was even more worried about this show cause lets face it, Jersey doesn't have the best rep as it is and I thought wow, now were gonna throw in a bunch of juiced up retards and loud mouthed whores on top of everything else. That is until I was introduced via telelvision the Situation. This clown is hysterical, I don't care what anyone says, the shit that comes out of this kids mouth is priceless even if it is all bullshit and he never closes the deal with any girl except ones that look like they have down syndrome. The rest of the cast are okay characters, Snooki is ...well she calls herself Snooki and gets punched in the face at a bar by a man, that's entertainment enough for me. And the rest of these ass clowns are okay by me as well... minus the gay love story...(remember Ronnie rule #1 you don't fall in love at the Jersey Shore). With priceless quotes like calling an ugly girl a hand grenade, calling fist pumping beating up the beat, and GTL'ing everyday (Gym, Tanning, Laundry) I find myself looking forward to each episode for some strange reason. Maybe because I too want to find love at the Jersey Shore like any normal human being...or maybe because Guidos getting drunk, eating pasta, getting in fights, getting dirty whores in a hot tub and selling T-Shirts is entertaining to me....

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