Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Charles in Charge not Racist...His Wife's Best Friend Is Black

Scott Baio (or Chachi as I like to call him) was in a bit of heat this weekend after taking a jab at Michelle Obama
"Former 'Happy Days' star Scott Baio says he is receiving death threats over Twitter after posting an unflattering photo of Michelle Obama with an insulting caption.

Baio is a vocal Republican who had been tweeting breathlessly about Scott Brown's victory before he made this attempt at a joke about the first lady.

"WOW He wakes up to this every morning," Baio tweeted, along with this photo"

It could've just ended with that weird tweet but Baio wanted to prove how much he loves black people and defend his actions...
"His followers were not amused and began leaving him instructions to kill himself and calling him a racist idiot and worse. Baio did himself no favors by trying to prove his lack of racism.

"I'm NOT racist for posting a pic of M.O. My WIFE'S BEST FRD IS BLACK,HELLO" he tweeted.

And: "Do I look like I'm racist? This is Renee's BEST frd. STOP USING THE RACE CARD!!!" Here is a picture Baio tweeted of himself with said black person:"

I think that picture should've cleared up the whole situation, everyone of us white people know that if you make a racist comment you must take certain steps to prove you aren't racist...
Step 1: Let everyone know that you or your significant other have at least one black friend.
Step 2: You must backup your comments with an awkward picture with aforementioned black person. (even if it looks like they might be Indian or some other minority and that you might be groping them with one hand it still counts)

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