Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tigers Wood

Ok....first of all I know this topic is well over hyped and publicized as it is and that I'm wayyyyy late on the topic. But since I just started I like most people couldn't leave this story alone. I really didn't care that Tiger has been cheating on his wife and honestly neither should you. People cheat everyday on each other, and some I guess with multiple platoons of dirty whores. It should really be just between himself, his wife, and every white blonde headed girl in the world. But seriously if you're gonna pick something out that you see crazy with Tiger Woods life the first thing that comes to mind is he's made over 1 billion dollars hitting a ball with a stick. He could steal Taylor Swifts next music award on stage and bend her over and I'd still be more surprised by the previous statement. In my opinion Gatorade missed the jackpot with his drink by discontinuing it, imagine marketing the first sex sports drink. I can see the commercial now, Tiger walking out of a room with a hot blonde chick passed out on the bed behind him in a sex he walks out sweating in a robe he reaches for his Tiger Woods Gatorade and takes a swig and looks down an endless hall filled with doors occupied by more white whores and smiles at the camera and walks down to the next room......I'd fucking bathe in that drink.

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