Monday, February 01, 2010

Taylor Swift Is The Anti-Christ

She has to be the Anti-Christ. That's the only reason I can come up with for her winning all these awards, especially the Album of the year award at last nights Grammy's. I didn't mind at first because she's good looking, but it's getting really annoying everytime she wins an award she puts on her "really I won, this is so surprising" face(when in fact it really is suprising, especially to me). Then like clock work, she goes up and has some corny speech where she has to slip in that she writes her own songs. That's not an accomplishment, that's what singers are supposed to do. You don't see the unkempt fat acne covered kid at Burger King bragging that he cuts the lettuce he puts on your whopper, that's his job...Yeah I get that there are plenty of horrible artists like Katy Perry who have someone else write their songs but at least they have a good live singing voice. I don't know what they call it, but it's like someone photoshopped her voice on her CD cause this chick sounds nothing like that live (Proof Here). Pretty much I just think this girl is really fake and have no idea how she keeps winning all these awards.  I actually prayed to God to send Kanye floating down with a bottle of Hennesey to crack over her head and say how someone else deserved the award........But I 'd still hit that...just sayin

On brighter news an actual good performance by good artists last night. Lil Wayne, Eminem and Drake with Travis Barker on drums

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